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Greek deliciousness at Ilios Foods

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We sat down with Fouli from Ilios Foods on St.Denis and discussed everything from her guilty pleasures, her favorite celebrity chef to the challenges of owning her own business.


How long has Ilios Foods been open?

It will be one year in February that Ilios opened its doors.

Do you have a particular signature dish at your restaurant that your customers keep asking for?

My clients love my moussaka dish!


Which celebrity chefs inspire you?

Jamie Oliver is one of my favorites; I love how he always uses fresh ingredients in all his dishes. He is also an advocate for healthy eating for children, which I take to heart as well. As a parent you need to be conscious in what you are nourishing your kids with.

What are your food related guilty pleasures?

I love Miss Vicky’s vinegar chips… If I open one bag it’s done!

Was it always your dream to open your own Greek bakery?

It’s always been a dream of mine. I love that I am offering my clients authentic Greek cuisine. One day I hope to have my own cookbook (it’s in the works) and who knows maybe a TV show!

How has your father played a role in opening your own place?

Over the years he has been an inspiration. I remember seeing him cook when I was a child and being inspired. That, with my passion for eating and cooking brought me to where I am now. I use my father’s homemade oil olive in most of my dishes. People should indulge in a good olive oil: something about how it infuses with the food to make it so tasty and authentic. Olive oil is so good for your body too!

What is your favorite and least favorite Greek dish to make and why?

Moussaka is probably the most time consuming just because there are so many steps but my clients love it. My favorite dish is Kounoupithi, which is a dish made with cauliflower, cinnamon, lemon and tomatoes, it comes from my father’s region. It’s so good I can eat it for breakfast!

Is it challenging being a full time mother of 3 and running a business at the same time?

It’s challenging yes, but it has its rewards. You’re proud to be a mother and at the same time you are showing your kids that they can accomplish so much more in their lives. I hope they tell themselves “If mom can do this, I can do anything”

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