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Maria Amore, Vegan Visionary

Feb 14, 2013 | Published by | Leave your thoughts

What inspired you to become a vegan chef?

I was motivated by my own debilitating illness to learn about nutrition and how we can heal through our food choices. In so doing, I discovered the horrors of the animal industries and decided I wanted no part of that so I became vegan overnight. I continued to learn about plant-based nutrition and became fully convinced that it is the healthiest diet for us and beneficial to the planet as a whole. I had always loved cooking, since I was a child, but when I was working as a lawyer, I had no time for it. My illness granted me the luxury of time to follow my bliss: vegan cooking. Following our bliss allows us to discover our passion; our passion uncovers our true purpose in this life. I have found mine.

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about veganism?

There are many misconceptions about veganism because the large majority of people are not vegan. We have a culture of carnism, and we have become indoctrinated with this cultural view. These misconceptions stem simply from a lack of knowledge. We are lucky nowadays in that we have access to that knowledge if we want it through excellent research, books and documentaries.

There is a misconception that it is somehow unhealthy, deficient in nutrients, especially protein. This is completely inaccurate, and we learn a lot about this through my classes.

There is a misconception that it is too complicated, difficult, expensive, inaccessible. We address these issues as well in the classes and I teach how easy it is to cooking plant-based meals.

There is a misconception that since humans have been eating animals for centuries, that this somehow makes it right and acceptable. We must question these beliefs.

There is a misconception that since plants feel pain too, it is no better to just eat plants and not animals. How does plants feeling pain make it correct to inflict pain and suffering on animals? We must question our logic.

Tell us about the amazing trip you took to Hawaii last December…

Hawaii is pure magic. It has such a high vibration that it soothes the soul completely. I feel very much that it is my spiritual home. I would like to open my vegan café/juice bar/meditation centre in Hawaii.

I was in Hawaii this past December working on a special project called, Amazing Woman: What’s Your Calling with Marsh Engle. She is compiling a book and video of 12 women who have chosen to follow their passions in life and what it means to walk your true path. Very exciting! There will be another “Amazing Woman” retreat in Maui April 21 -26. I will be attending!

Any exciting projects or recipes in the works?

My every day is exciting for me because I am living my bliss! I find it exciting to teach and create new recipes every day. I am very excited to be finishing up my vegan cookbook, Cooking With Amore, which will be published in a few months. I have a new website being designed where I will share recipes every day. I cook for fundraisers for animal rescues and causes, which is always great fun for me.  Every day life is my excitement because my bliss is vegan cooking!

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