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Sweet talk with Jessica

Feb 16, 2013 | Published by | Leave your thoughts

Name: Jessica McGovern

Company: Lincoln Apartment Bakery

Jessica McGovern is originally from Ireland, and has been experimenting in the kitchen since before she could spell ‘kitchen’! She graduated with a Bachelors degree in English and Theatre in Ireland,  worked in Africa and China, then went on to complete a Masters degree in Journalism in Scotland, before working in France, Argentina, and finally, Canada. She divides her time between baking classes and freelance journalism, and hopes that teaching people to make cake will eventually bring about world peace, or at the very least, temporary world contentment.


What is your favorite sweet treat?

I have so many!! My favourite dessert of all time is Pavlova – fluffy and crisp meringue, then clouds of whipped cream, topped with tangy raspberries, strawberries and kiwis. There are a few chocolate cookie bars from Ireland that I miss terribly (if you’re ever there have a ‘penguin bar’ and a few chocolate hobnobs!), and at least three times a day, I reach for a cup of sweet, milky black tea.


What led you to open the Lincoln Apartment Bakery?

I was sitting in an office job, staring at a computer screen from 9-5, and I just decided it was time for me to do something I really loved. Also, friends seemed to really enjoy my baking, and it always bothered me that people are often convinced that baking is difficult or time-consuming, so I set out to change everyone’s mind. I could have started a blog I guess, but I love meeting people!

What do students like best about the LAB?

Students love the intimate, fun atmosphere – everyone gets to know each other, everyone is involved in making the desserts, and we have tea and tasting at the end. It’s really personal, and we laugh a lot. I think they also like the fact that I’m on hand to answer any questions they have about baking, no matter how ‘silly’ they might seem – and I encourage everyone to make the recipes when they get home and let me know how they turned out. I’m a bit like a ‘cake doctor’ then, trying to diagnose via email when things go wrong!

What are your favourite activities to do in your free time (outside of the kitchen)? 

I’m a bit obsessed with extra-curricular activities! I love languages, and at the moment I’m learning Japanese, in preparation for a trip there later this year. I dance salsa and tango, I teach pole fitness, I work up a sweat at zumba, I get crafty with the sewing machine and hot glue, I practice wing chun kung fu when I can, and I’m a freelance journalist, so I’m often tapping away on my keyboard. I travel a lot, and I also sometimes find myself involved in random projects like making a movie, recording music, or volunteer work. You know that phrase, jack of all trades, master of none…?!