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Choice Harbour, the pearl of mobile raw bars

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Choice Harbour is a catering company that specializes in seafood and shellfish. It is a mobile raw bar, dedicated to bringing their clients the freshest, highest quality and most cared for products that the oceans have to offer. We got some oyster insight and some short & sweet business advice from Max, founder of Choice Harbour.

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Sociale: What has been your favourite moment in your 9 years working in the food industry?

Max: A single moment is impossible to nail down. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked in some of the best restaurants in the city, and I think that the collective knowledge that I was able to tap in to has allowed me to do what I’m doing now. If you want a bit more of a specific answer I guess I could say that the direct impact you have on someone’s happiness, their memory even, is what’s best about all of this. When you can not just satisfy someone but can give them something unforgettable, that’s what resonates with me in this business.

Sociale: The best oyster you’ve ever tasted was…..

Max: Duxbury Bays from Eastern Coast of Cape Cod Bay or Duxbury, Massachusetts served on the half shell with a classic mignonette.

Sociale: You’ve worked alongside Chuck Hughes, running the raw bar at his two Montreal joints, what have you learned from him?

Max: That you can only affect someone as much as you are affected by what you’re doing. Being excited about what you’re serving, what you’re talking about and what you’re doing is infectious. Being “right there” with people is key.

Sociale: What is your dream for Choice Harbour?

Max: To get through year one with no flat tires! To be honest, and I think everyone will say this, is that they want to see what they’ve started take on a life of its own. I don’t thing there’s a whole lot more satisfying than watching an idea of yours flourish and take shape, and get bigger than you are.

Sociale: Most definitely! Any advice to young entrepreneurs?

Max: Get up early!


Max has the experience to enrich your relationship with oysters so join us March 27th for our oyster event !!!

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