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Self Defense for Women with KungfuPaul

Mar 5, 2013 | Published by | Leave your thoughts

Self defense is a skill every woman should know. Whether it is to feel safer during that late-night run by the park, to gain extra awareness when travelling and most importantly to exude confidence instead of uncertainty in a vulnerable or sketchy situation. We thought it was crucial to provide this topic as one of our first workshops so we decided to partner up with White Crane Kung Fu’s instructor Paul de Tourreil for a comprehensive and hands-on workshop on self-defense.

Paul is an expert in his field as well as a fight choreographer. He has been teaching women, men and children since 1997, primarily at UQAM’s centre sportif, the YMCA and the Shaolin White Crane Kung Fu Academy. His varied background and extensive pedagogical experience ensures that every student enjoys a safe, challenging, and effective learning environment.

We chatted with Paul to get some insight on the importance of learning how to protect yourself.

Why is taking a self-defense workshop so important?

Because knowledge is power.

What led you to give self-defense classes?

Years of teaching kung fu to lots of women as well as men, as well my own observations and research into what else being offered out there (there’s some really good stuff in town, we’re actually spoiled here in Montreal), led me to conclude that this would all work way better if: a) the whole class was way more Fun; and b) people learned more about early detection, verbal de-escalation, and prevention, instead of only focusing on the violence part, which should be a last resort anyway…

What is one solid piece of advice every woman should know when it comes to self-defense tactics?

Trust your own intuition, dammit, cause it’s a four billion year-old warning system, a gift from Mother Nature. It NEVER goes off without a good reason, and you ignore it at your own peril.

Check out the details of our self defense workshop here.


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