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A healthier lifestyle, in a Nüxshell

Mar 11, 2013 | Published by | Leave your thoughts

We have been lucky enough to partner up with Lloyd Brown, owner of Nüx Wellness Center, for several of our workshops. Find out why Lloyd recommends you play detective when it comes to your health and what interesting projects he has in the works. Craving a healthy salad? Want to relax with a yoga class? Forgot to stock up on your favorite health products? Nüx Wellness Center has it all.

Sociale: Tell us about Nüx Wellness Center and how did it come to be?

Nüx: Our concept is to encompass the three areas of life that matter most when transitioning to a healthier lifestyle:

Move, Eat, & Learn

I drew my inspiration from my mother who has always been the most compassionate human I’ve ever known despite illnesses that kept her hospitalized for half of my childhood.

Clever research, which is necessary in today’s world, has always been a passion of mine but I became truly galvanized by the passing of my two grandfathers to Cancer. I’ve always been a seeker of relevant wisdom from health experts around the globe. My passion stems from distilling and unifying the collaborative wisdom of these advocates into something that’s fun, fascinating, easy and affordable to integrate into the average person’s hectic lifestyle.

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Sociale: Where does the name Nüx come from?

Nüx: NüX means “nut” in Latin, guess because we’re a bunch of health nuts. The word signature comes from signs & nature, which is what our logo embodies.

For example, an avocado looks like a pregnant lady, takes 9 months to ripen and protects the reproductive organs of women. Similarly, a walnut looks like a brain, has 4 chambers, a hard shell, and studies confirm its a healthy food for the brain.

Information is out there, you just need to know WHERE to look, WHO to trust and HOW to find information that has the biggest impact and matters most to those who need it.

Sociale: What are the biggest misconceptions people have when it comes to their health?

Nüx: That they cannot manage their health on their own. Most people just give away their power to “the experts” thinking that their situation will be solved.

No one knows their health better than themselves. If you learn to connect the dots, it may be wiser to play detective and to understand that there are simple, fun tricks to stay fit and healthy.

Our ancestors left plenty of clues and information for us to use and apply. Deep, valuable, wisdom that took generations to accumulate. I believe it’s my duty to preserve their wisdom, and enhance their philosophies through modern science and technology.

Another misconception I think people have is that more research is needed to understand disease.

How many years have we been researching disease?

Imagine for a moment how many universities worldwide are constantly conducting ongoing studies.

There are advocates that have already unified international science into coherent and applicable information that can truly transform how we can reverse disease and maximize longevity on a cellular level.

Sociale: What drives you?

Nüx: My motto has always been: “By cherishing our past, we illuminate our future”.

My family has always been there to support me with love and patience and growing up with a sick mother always in the hospital taught me that although individual intentions are always good, there is a fundamental issue at the core of how disease is taught and observed, that serves corporations more than it does people.

In Canada, for the most part, our taxes pay for the drugs and yet disease is on the rise, NOT on the decline. This is why the political issues that pertain to our health are often “revised” and go unnoticed by the general public.

Sociale: Interesting projects on the way?

We have several interactive online projects we’re developing that will provide great tips, cutting edge product reviews and education programs that will enable people to thrive-not just survive.

Things like detoxification, healthy snacks for kids, and much, much more. Awesome stuff…coming soon ;)

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