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30 days, 30 classes

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It’s time for the Bikram Yoga Challenge

For the month of November, Bikram studios across the island of Montreal are hosting yet another 30-day yoga challenge. Sociale co-founder and workshop director, Katrina, recently embarked on a the challenge bandwagon, and has committed to completing 30 days of yoga in a row.

Sociale: What is Bikram Yoga?

Katrina: Bikram yoga is an intense workout that consists of 26 postures, and 2 breathing exercises within a 90-minute time-frame. The most unique feature about this type of hatha yoga is that the room is heated up to 42 degrees celsius. The Bikram Yoga system was developed by former weightlifter turned yogi, Bikram Choudhury, who has has franchised his concept across the globe. Bikram himself refers to these studios as “torture chambers” because of the complexity of the postures and extreme heat. All Bikram classes are only taught by Bikram certified teachers, who have completed nine weeks of intensive training endorsed by Bikram.


Sociale: How long have you been practicing Bikram Yoga?

Katrina: I’ve been practicing Bikram on and off for the past 4 years. Over the past few years, I’ve tried several different types of yoga in Montreal, and found that I enjoyed Birkam the best. I fell in love with the rigorous routine when I completed a 60-day Bikram yoga challenge in May/June of 2012. Post 60-day challenge felt absolutely incredible; super toned body and glowing eyes and skin. I had amazing energy throughout the entire time, and loved the way I felt after completing every class.

Sociale: What’s your favorite thing about this type of exercise?

Katrina: It’s a real workout for the body, mind and soul. I get to stretch my muscles, calm my mind at the same time and refocus my energy on myself. I always feel re-energized after class and it’s a great way to reduce stress and increase endorphins. Practicing Bikram also forces me to drink more water throughout the day, and constantly stay hydrated in preparation to sweat profusely during my next class. Being in class isn’t easy sometimes, but the results are well worth the extra work and effort! There are so many amazing benefits of practicing Bikram Yoga, and I definitely recommend this type of workout to everyone I know!


Sociale: What are your favourite postures?

Camel and standing bow…and savasana!

Sociale: Why did you sign up for the 30-day challenge?

Katrina: I decided to sign-up for the challenge because I needed a major energy boost.  I also felt my jeans getting a little tighter, and felt like this was the perfect opportunity to kickstart back into a healthy lifestyle. I didn’t want to wait until January 1st to start making positive changes in my life. It’s a fun personal goal which I’ll be rewarded for on a daily basis with more energy and less stress.

Sociale: What should you bring to class


– A clear mind and positive attitude

– 1 L bottle of water

– 2 towels (one for class and one for the shower)

– Yoga Mat

– shorts and a tank top (light and breathable material is a must!)

For more information visit:

Walker Ave. Location

721 Walker Avenue

Montreal, Quebec 
H4C 2H5

Metro: Lionel Groulx

t.: 514. 989.7642

Laurier Est. Location

435 Laurier Est.

Montreal, Quebec
 H2J 2P6

Metro: Laurier

t.: 514-303-6013

West Island Location – Pointe Claire

18 Place Triad Suite 203

Corner St. Jean and Holiday

H9R 0A2

t.: 514-428-9595

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