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Sociale: Tell us about yourself! How did you come to be a professional photographer?

Wanda: I am an artist, a painter, and have always been involved in the arts my whole life. I painted professionally starting in 2001, oil on canvas, figurative, realism. In 2004 when we decided to adopt children, I wanted to slow down to spend more time with my – then baby so I switched to doing commissioned portraits in my loft studio on top of my house. People would give me little pictures of themselves and I would paint these large canvasses of them as portraits, often guessing at the details of their faces etc. till I decided to use my own camera to take their pictures and then paint their portraits. Then one day it dawned on me…”hey…I’m doing this backwards – why don’t I just take beautiful pictures of them and my photography business was born. Since I had the artistic eye already I then studied everything I could about the technical side of photography and absolutely fell in love with it.


Sociale: You cover several different types of photography; beauty/glamour to executive/professional, family, wedding, engagements, product, architecture and Lifestyle…do you have a personal favourite?

Wanda: Oh yes – I’m fascinated with beauty (and the often undiscovered beauty) in women. I love fashion and glamour and am thrilled when a woman can see herself – maybe for the first time in her life – in a beautiful image. this can change the way we see ourselves and can impact our whole life in a profound way. I also really enjoy working with women as they create their websites and visual images of themselves in their businesses. Again, really bringing out the very best in clients and helping them visually tell their story is so rewarding.

Sociale: For photo shoots, do you create backdrops or scout places out?

Wanda: Both. I have amazing natural light in my studio with it’s 9 foot cathedral skylight as well as studio lights and use many different backdrops – either bought or hand painted – even green screen. But, I love to find interesting places, beautiful meadows, old barns, forests etc and either use these locations or I take the images of these locations and then integrate them in the backgrounds in studio (and Photoshop). I come with a warning too. Photoshop and I have a very intimate relationship. It’s like my brush and pallette. =)

Sociale: Who are your favourite subjects to photograph?

Wanda: Ha…no mystery there – women. Of all ages. From newborns to 80+ But I should add – I love images of people – all people. I really enjoy photographing children and families and even men. (And I love men….they’re just not my favourite subject. lol)

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Sociale: When you are behind the lens, what do you enjoy doing?

Wanda: I love, love, LOVE watching a person open up and start to fall in love with themselves. It’s very natural to feel nervous and uncomfortable in front of a camera so I consider it one of the most important parts of my profession to really bring the person out. Usually laughter, talking, green tea, zen music and time does it. Sometimes a cork may have to be popped. And then the fun really begins. Kidding….sort of! My reward is to show the back of my camera to a client and have them gasp. “Is that me?” Then the chemistry just flows.

Sociale: When you aren’t busy behind the lens, what do you enjoy doing?

Wanda: Music is my 2nd love. (Though if my Mom read this, I’d have to switch that order.) I studied classical piano for 13 years, played violin in a youth symphony orchestra, organ and sang in a rock band and practically everything else musical. Before painting professionally – I had a music career…but that’s another life. Now I play for fun. I also love to garden, decorate, cook and laugh….loud and heartily!! =)

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Sociale: What inspires you?

Wanda: Beauty in every form. An exquisite flower; gorgeous, flowing fabric; the sky; a puppy (especially with long, floppy ears); architecture. Beauty is everywhere and in everything if we just look for it. Staring at my daughters (now 6 and 10) inspires me. After a good stare session I usually come up with the next project I want to style and shoot. They are Chinese and their beauty simply takes my breath away.

Sociale: What key advice do you have for female entrepreneurs?

Wanda: Ahhh……that’s the question. So far, I’ve only talked about the artistic side of photography and the next word attached to that one is business. And it is a business (if you want to make a living from it – otherwise it’s a nice hobby). I probably spend well over 50% (way over) of my time marketing my business. And it’s work. For me – it’s not the fun side but it is essential. It’s like cooking. First you shop for ingredients, (maybe clean your kitchen too ;-), organize your items, start putting it all together, stir, mix, peel, stir some more – then bake or cook and wait, cool and only then……sit down and enjoy your dish. Without all the prep work – your plate is empty. So, my key advice is be ready, willing and able to put the time and work into building your business. And when you want to quit……don’t!

Sociale: What are the best ways to contact you to book a shoot?

Wanda: E-mail: Studio: 450-662-0329  Cell: 514-923-1166 As a boutique studio – I offer custom packages to suit many needs.

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