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“I’d like to add you to My Professional Network on LinkedIn!”

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Recognized so well, this generic LinkedIn request, has to finally be put to rest! LinkedIn is a networking site; created to build trusting, long-lasting relationships.
When I receive one of these requests, I automatically think:

•I don’t know this person and certainly do not know why the person would like to connect with me
•The person is playing the random LinkedIn connection game and I am just another number
•The person is a newbie with limited knowledge of online networking and social media intelligence
•The request can wait; probably not someone of much value

The most important aspect of networking is making any interaction impactful. If the first 15 -20 seconds doesn’t create impact, the chances of the relationship developing to the next level, is close to nil. So, when it comes to online social networking, it is the initial message that matters first!

Most people are open to meeting people outside of their existing personal network. In fact, if they aren’t…they really should be! However, it is really up to the proactive networker, to take the extra time to think about the request and personalize it, so the content matters and there is potential for future collaboration.

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LinkedIn is not a social gathering spot like Facebook and Twitter. Successful LinkedIn navigators do everything with a professional purpose. Personalization makes a world of difference!

Would you approach someone at a Sociale event and say, “I’d Like to add you to My Professional Network?” Of course not!
Making a connection on LinkedIn should be as personal as the one you would attempt to make in person.

So before you succumb to the urge and hit the easy “connect” button on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, take a few minutes to breath, put your thoughts together, and apply social media intelligence:

•Make it personal. Do not forget that potential connection has a name
•Make it clear as to why you would like to connect. The message will make the difference
•Make it worthy so that the request gets immediate attention instead of being left sitting in the Inbox
•Make it matter! Provide the answer before the potential connection has the time to ask, “Why?”

Even though technology has evolved, personal messages can’t be developed via your smartphone. The way you can customize your invitation is the click to connect option on the person’s profile.

Some things are worth the wait! And if LinkedIn teases you with potential profiles, let it pass and instead use it as a reminder of homework, and a bit of LinkedIn network nurturing, you have to do when the time is right!

Shelly Elsliger
LinkedIn Coach and Social Media Trainer
Founder, Linked-Express


Shelly is a LinkedIn Trainer and Social Media Coach. She has helped individuals, business owners, students, entrepreneurs, job seekers, recruiters, corporate groups, and all kinds of professional networkers learn how to maximize their LinkedIn experience and benefit from this amazing online professional networking tool. Shelly currently instructs Social Media Boot-Camp, for entrepreneurs, at Vanier College and is responsible for developing the LinkedIn Professional Workshop Series at John Molson School of Business, Concordia University. She is a certified Professional Coach and Founder of Linked-Express (

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