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LinkedIn Endorsements: Skills up for Review!

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In the past, it was proclaimed that the most over-used, yet least meaningful word, found in LinkedIn profiles was the word, “responsible”. “Responsible” is a buzzword and too many buzzwords used on a LinkedIn profile makes the profile unreachable and undesirable; lacking in credibility and importance.

A strong LinkedIn profile is driven by professional worth and an 80-20 approach. This will help you to build a strong skill/expertise section that can attract curious and proactive onlookers and engage potential contacts that could be important to your circle of influence.

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Optimizing your profile increases your LinkedIn search ranking and helps to distinguish and differentiate yourself from the competition. With just one click, your contacts can endorse you for particular skills which will not only showcase your abilities but will also help to highlight your credibility and popularity.

To successfully complete the Skills and Expertise section, think of:

•Your professional background and experience (including volunteer)

•The skills you have mastered and those you are working to build

•What you are recognized for •What will resonate most with your career goals

•What is relevant to your target audience

•Words that would be searched and in-demand

•Words related and important to your field (both hard and soft skills)

•Your goal

•What’s important to you moving forward

This is a chance not only to profile yourself as a professional in your field, a desirable potential employee, a thought leader, a worthy connection, but also, an opportunity to present yourself as a person. LinkedIn will help you develop this section.

As you begin typing your desired skill, LinkedIn will supply you with a list of alternatives that may help you to be more skill-specific. You are not obligated to use these suggestions; however, sometimes the words/phrases can be helpful and more defined.

You can delete skills at any time, re-position skills to get more attention and clicks, and remove any unwanted endorsements. The top 10 skills are most important because they show up on your profile and have the potential to automatically attract onlookers.

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It is recommended that you control and develop this worthwhile section according to what you would like to showcase. LinkedIn provides your contacts with suggested skills they can endorse you for. Although sometimes, the suggested skills are in line with your 50 skill limit list, take the time to be judicious about the skills that are being offered to you by your contacts. Sometimes these skills are recycled and do not speak to you as a professional and may not be helpful to your brand. You do not have to accept every skill you receive.

However, it is also important to be just as diligent when offering endorsements. The best way to give endorsements is to ignore LinkedIn suggestions, and go directly to the profiles of the individuals you would like to endorse. This is a chance for you to take a moment to help important people in your network; make it matter by supporting the skill(s) your contacts are trying to brand and the skills you know they possess.

On a final note, remember these useful endorsement tips:

•Be thankful. Do not forget to thank your endorsers

•Endorsements do not replace recommendations

•The right endorsements help to build your credibility in skill areas •The section works with the LI search algorithm

•Manage you recommendations and review regularly

•Pay endorsements forward with expecting them back

•Don’t be shy.

Confidently brand what you know you have! “Concealed talent brings no reputation”- Desiderius Erasmus

Shelly Elsliger

LinkedIn Coach and Social Media Trainer

Founder, Linked-Express 514-892-2029


shellypic5Shelly is a LinkedIn Trainer and Social Media Coach. She has helped individuals, business owners, students, entrepreneurs, job seekers, recruiters, corporate groups, and all kinds of professional networkers learn how to maximize their LinkedIn experience and benefit from this amazing online professional networking tool. Shelly currently instructs Social Media Boot-Camp, for entrepreneurs, at Vanier College and is responsible for developing the LinkedIn Professional Workshop Series at John Molson School of Business, Concordia University. She is a certified Professional Coach and Founder of Linked-Express (

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