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Being on LinkedIn does not mean being LinkedIn! Is it time for a LinkedIn Audit?

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I am a networker. In fact, I love networking. Of course, I enjoy having the chance for face-time but times have changed and now my passion for networking has transformed online. LinkedIn is the perfect platform for taking the art of networking to the next level.

Whenever I do meet someone, I automatically go into LinkedIn mode and ask if the person is on LinkedIn. My curiosity is always peaked and I am instantly curious to see what will be before me online. When I have had the opportunity to meet someone, who I would consider valuable to my network, I crave to know more, I crave to develop that connection.

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My thought is that you can never have enough talented people in your network. Sometimes, for personal or professional reasons, but also sometimes these new found connections can be valuable to others. The best networkers always think of others first. After-all, trust is the key to developing any kind of relationship.

Great networkers are talented communicators who can effectively demonstrate and adapt this skill both off and online. However, the majority of people I meet have not mastered the art of networking online. Many individuals proudly say, “I am on LinkedIn” and have no problem saying, “Let’s connect!” However, unfortunately, for many, their online branding often falls short and does not effectively continue conversation and relationship building online.

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All professionals must be on LinkedIn but most could benefit from a LinkedIn audit. LinkedIn works with a complex search algorithm and to fit in means to really be LinkedIn. It requires attention and detail from the professional picture you choose, the way you manage your content, to the way you reach out to potential contacts. There are clear cut signs that can frame you as a beginner LinkedIn user or one that may not be worthy to have as part of a professional network. LinkedIn is neither Facebook nor Twitter and should not be treated as such. Facebook and Twitter are gathering spots and LinkedIn is your unique value proposition.

As I tell my clients, Facebook is the pub, Twitter is the coffee-shop, and LinkedIn is the Chamber of Commerce so we must adapt our styles, fine-tune our imagination, get guidance if necessary, and perfect the art of online professional networking!

Online networking, otherwise known as social networking is powerful; important to both personal and business branding to tell your story, build your credibility, spread news about products and services through word of mouth and expanded reach, and accessibility….LinkedIn never sleeps!

Shelly Elsliger

LinkedIn Coach and Social Media Trainer

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Shelly is a LinkedIn Trainer and Social Media Coach. She has helped individuals, business owners, students, entrepreneurs, job seekers, recruiters, corporate groups, and all kinds of professional networkers learn how to maximize their LinkedIn experience and benefit from this amazing online professional networking tool. Shelly currently instructs Social Media Boot-Camp, for entrepreneurs, at Vanier College and is responsible for developing the LinkedIn Professional Workshop Series at John Molson School of Business, Concordia University. She is a certified Professional Coach and Founder of Linked-Express (

“What makes the meaning of life is people, so be good to people immediately around you and affect the world”. Reid Hoffman, Founder-LinkedIn

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