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Q&A with Jus Enzymes!

Mar 23, 2015 | Published by | Leave your thoughts
We recently sat down with Pascale Hancock, co-founder of Jus Enzymes in Montreal, to find out more about her amazing organic cold pressed juices!
Sociale: Tell us about Jus Enzymes (who, want, when, where, how did you start the company?)
Pascale: Joe and I met while we were working on a touring show with Cirque du Soleil. Both of us had the desire to eventually start a business. While traveling the world, we discovered cold pressed juices, a concept that I rapidly incorporated to my lifestyle. I have always been passionate about health and nutrition and, over time, I have been able to transfer this love to Joe. I started to make my own recipes and people on tour started to buy my juices. Then, we decided to come back home and start our juice company. 
Sociale: What was your goal in starting Jus Enzymes? 
Pascale: Our mission is mainly to positively influence as many people as possible to transition to a healthier lifestyle in harmony with the environment, all while demonstrating the power of natural and organic nutrition.
Sociale: What is the  “Spring Cleaning” cleanse? What are some of the  benefits of embarking on a cleanse?
Pascale: Our “Spring Cleaning” will allow you to realize the impact nutrition has on your body. It’s a great way to start fresh and to transition to a healthier lifestyle. It will give a break to your system and will give you time to tune into your body. Recurring cleansing can really have great physical effects but also great mental ad emotional effects. It will definitely give a break to your digestive system of eating processed food that’s hard to break down in effort to effectively distribute nutrients to your body. That will result in a boost of energy. Some people will see a difference in their skin and hair. Others will think more clearly or feel less stress or emotional. Every experience could be different, that depends on where you are in your life. 
Our cleanse has been analyzed by a nutritionist in order to insure it contains your daily nutrient intake. It contains 7 juices and 1 elixir. It might be hard a the beginning, but when you start feeling the benefits, you’ll understand why it’s so worth it!
Sociale:What are some of your favorite superfoods to add to your juices?
Pascale: There are a lot of superfoods that I love adding either in my juice or in my morning smoothies. Some of these include:  chia seeds, hemp seeds, spouted sunflower seeds, kale, bok choy, avocado, coconut water or meat, bee pollen and goji berries. 
Sociale: What exactly does cold pressed mean?
Pascale: We press the fruits, vegetables and even the nuts with more than 1000 lbs. of pressure. This way, we are able to retain all the enzymes, vitamins, proteins and minerals as opposed to transforming the ingredients with a blender or even a traditional juice extractor.The first step is to gently shred to pulp all the fruits and vegetables without exposing them to heat. This pulp is then crushed with 1000 lbs. of pressure in order to extract its juice which enables our body to fully enjoy the nutrients of each ingredient. 
Sociale: When should one juice? Is there a particular season that’s best?  How many times per year?
Pascale: It is up to you to decide. A juice cleanse is a gift to your body! It is a way to suppress fatigue, lack of energy, digestive problems, insomnia and anxiety. A juice cleanse can be done every change of season, every month or every week! In addition to your cleanse, we suggest that you add one juice, preferably a green juice, to your every day routine. It will be good for your health and will help strengthen your immune system.
Sociale: What has been your biggest accomplishment with Jus Enzymes?
Pascale: The journey itself for us is quite an accomplishment. We just obtained our organic certification and within the beginning of April our juices will be using high pressure to keep your juices raw, fresh and safe. That process helps maintain essential vitamins, mineral and enzymes. 
Sociale: According to you, what are the 5 key benefits of juicing?
Pascale: Boost of energy, feel less stress, improve concentration, better functioning of the digestive system and glowing in general. 
Sociale: What are the biggest misconceptions around juicing?
Pascale: First of all, we are not experts but users. Some people are rigid when it comes to cleansing. When we are talking about cleansing , we don’t mean fasting or starvation, it’s about giving ourselves maximum nutrition from whole, wholesome fruits and vegetables, and reducing processed food. For example, no one will ever eat in one meal what we put in the Green Giant, it’s almost 2 pounds of green vegetables. We also don’t like the term detoxing. It’s important to understand that our organs such as kidneys or liver get ride of the toxins in our bodies. Giving the right fuel to your body will allow your organs to work like they should do. 
Second of all, the reason of doing a juice cleanse should not be for loosing weight. Loosing weight might be an effect after doing a cleanse but if you get back to your bad habits you will get everything back. It’s a great way to start fresh and to transition to a healthier lifestyle.
Sociale: What is the single most important element of owning your own business that you would share with fellow female entrepreneurs?
Pascale: Passion. Without it I doubt I would have the strength to keep going. Owning your own business could be very hard and I put a lot of time into that project.  On the bright side, juicing and reading new research about  health was always part of my life so it just make sense that I do that for living now! I’m in a very happy place in my life.
Sociale: What are your most popular juices?
Pascale: It actually depends on the season. Right now the Green Giant and the Immunity are the most popular one. During summer, the Brite Lite and the Fire Engine are the most popular. 
Sociale: How can people order some juice and find out more about Jus Enzymes?
Pascale: Anyone interested in finding out more can visit  our website www.jusenzymes.com or follow us on instagram (@jusenzymes), Twitter (@jusenzymes), facebookinfo@jusenzymes.com . We can also be contacted by phone 514-709-0042/414-702-0042.  We will offer 10% off on a “Spring Cleanse” starting now until April 30 2015. The promo code is socialemtl *Includes free delivery within delivery zone

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