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Self-Branding Evolution: LinkedIn

6 janvier 2015 | Publié par | Laissez un commentaire

We would all like to think of our resumes as attractive, engaging, and eye-catching. It has been a long-standing tradition that our resumes are the self-marketing tools we can count on. After all, resumes contain all that important information: our backgrounds, our skills, our educational credentials, and our knowledge. But, let’s face it; they are static and limiting; unable to successfully provide that WOW factor we need to STAND OUT.

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Having a customized, up-to date resume, will probably remain important for some time. Long-time traditions do not tend to die easily. But, that does not mean, things do not evolve therefore changing the way we advertise our value and credibility.

Evolution is necessary and LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool that cannot be overlooked or under-valued. It surpasses what a resume can do in leaps and bounds. It is a living document that can take on-lookers past the confines of a 2 page static resume.

But there is work involved. Unfortunately, many people do not take the time to do what is necessary to create a LinkedIn profile worthy of attention. The work is definitely worth it. Because once your profile is build, it can extend beyond your resume:

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• It is limitless so there is no stopping what you can showcase
• It is current and a 24/7 tool that can be accessed at any time and from anywhere
• It has the ability to better showcase your personality; going beyond your skills and qualifications to see if you would be a true FIT with what someone is looking for.
• It builds your credibility through recommendations and endorsements. Popularity is always a selling point.
• It goes beyond words. You can now “show and tell” through rich media.
• It highlights your written communication skills; offering tangible proof of your ability through the publication feature.
• It is about the power of networking; it is the only professional social media tool stressing the importance of professional contacts; not only who you know but who you will potentially know.
• It promotes a photo first; a human touch that helps to build that initial yet critical first impression. Profiles with photos get 11x more looks.
• It is all about paying things forward. Being kind builds strong and trusting networks; the kind of community any professional would surely want to be a part of.
Every LinkedIn user has a unique LinkedIn URL that should be customized and marketed. Just like your resume, you have to actively promote it. Encourage people to visit your profile. Pretend you are face-to-face with a potential key contact; your LinkedIn etiquette should match.
LinkedIn is about self-branding evolution! Makes sure you are not missing out!

Shelly Elsliger
LinkedIn Coach and Social Media Trainer
Founder, Linked-Express



Shelly is a LinkedIn Trainer and Social Media Coach. She has helped individuals, business owners, students, entrepreneurs, job seekers, recruiters, corporate groups, and all kinds of professional networkers learn how to maximize their LinkedIn experience and benefit from this amazing online professional networking tool. Shelly currently instructs Social Media Boot-Camp, for entrepreneurs, at Vanier College and is responsible for developing the LinkedIn Professional Workshop Series at John Molson School of Business, Concordia University. She is a certified Professional Coach and Founder of Linked-Express  (

” What makes the meaning of life is people, so be good to people immediately around you and affect the world”. Reid Hoffman, Founder-LinkedIn

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