An “extratropical cyclone” in southern Brazil kills 11

(CNN) — An “extratropical cyclone” has hit the Brazilian state of Rio Grande Do Sul, leaving at least 11 dead and 2,330 homeless, according to local authorities.

At least 20 people are still missing, 18 of them in Caraá and two in Três Forquilhas.

In their journey to the most affected regions, the government authorities have strengthened the role of the state relief structure and asked for “the solidarity of the population”. Rio Grande Do Sul Governor Eduardo Leite said military firefighters had carried out nearly 2,400 rescues in the past two days, although operations are still ongoing.

“Our priority right now is to find the missing and rescue people who may still be stranded by the flood,” Leite wrote in a statement. “We have all our teams on the ground and the Ministry of Logistics and Transport is already analyzing the compromised bridges and highways so that we can act urgently and provide free passage in these places.”

Meanwhile, the federal government has pledged to offer humanitarian aid and support reconstruction efforts.

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