Boca and River could meet in the Libertadores 2023 final: these are the scenarios

(CNN Spanish) — They compete all the time. They compete on the pitch, in coffee talks, and challenge each other at every step. Boca and River are aware of what their eternal rival always does. Looking for the date of each duel in the Argentine national tournament is almost a ritual, as is being very attentive to possible shocks of scale such as the challenges in the biggest football event in South America, the Copa Libertadores.

“Right now there’s a 50% chance that Boca and River will meet in the round of 16,” said Juan José Buscaglia, master of ceremonies at Conmebol’s top tournament alongside Helena Calil. It was a timeless moment. Eternal. The hearts of River and Boca fans were paralyzed when they warned that a crystallization of the duel in playoffs the round of 16 was very likely. It was not given. River will face Internacional from Porto Alegre, while Boca will face Nacional from Uruguay. In the main pane, xeneizes AND millionaires They were each on opposite sides, so they will only collide in a hypothetical ending.

What is the path they must travel to reach the supposed ending?

Probable via del River Plate

In River’s case, they will have to overcome the tough hurdle of facing Internacional de Porto Alegre in the round of 16. In case of unscathed exit from this key, in the quarterfinals there could be another courageous obstacle, Athletico Paranaense (last finalist of the competition). The team from Curitiba is favorite against Bolívar (Bolivia).

If you avoid even this tough challenge, at the bottom of the table there are fearsome teams and others that must be respected.

Argentinians and Fluminense are measured in eighths. Argentinos are a good team and they are strong at home. He floo is preferred. The winner of this duel would face the winner of the duel between Flamengo (last champion) against Olimpia (Paraguay). He Fla it is clear preferred.

It would not be unreasonable to make a projection in which to place the clash between Flamengo and Fluminense in the quarter-finals. It is one of the most fascinating and important classics in South America and perhaps the greatest in all of Brazil. Were this anticipated final to materialize, it would be an extremely level duel, although Flamengo, due to their three finals played in the last four editions, including two coronations, would come with a more mystical cup and an air of favoritism in this instance crucial. The winner could face River Plate in the possible semi-final.

He floo they beat River 5-1 at home in a dream night for the Brazilians in the group stage. In the rematch River won 2-0. If there were a clash with Flamengo, it would be the duel that already took place in the Copa Libertadores final in 2019, in which the Fla they beat River in the closing of the big game 2-1, managing to turn the game around.

(Credit: Diego Haliasz/Getty Images)

After climbing this steep mountain full of ravines and gravel, River would have just reached the final. It is a very complex scenario, but not impossible for a team of tremendous hierarchies like those led by Martín Demichelis.

The potential path of Boca Juniors

The Boca route is no less favorable. In the round of 16 he will have to face the Nacional of Uruguay. Exam as difficult as slippery.

If this key is exceeded, Racing Club or Atlético Nacional (Colombia) await him in the quarterfinals. The Argentine team is a slight favorite. There would be a big fight between the xeneize and the Academy.

Meanwhile, at the top of the standings there are four teams of the highest level, two above all of great care.

On the one hand, Deportivo Pereira (Colombia) or Independiente del Valle (Ecuador) will reach the quarterfinals.

One of these two teams will face the winner of Atlético Mineiro’s big match against Palmeiras. The Brazilians are of these four teams, clearly superior. El Mineiro plays very well and is growing in his football level. Palmeiras was the better team in the first phase. It has also won two of its last four Copa Libertadores. If Boca reached the semifinals, it would not be strange that the REAL (Palmeiras). It would be a reissue of memorable duels from the first decade of the 2000s.

It’s a road full of difficulties, but Jorge Almirón’s team (TD de Boca) is made up of players with hierarchy, with a very mystical jersey and also very hungry for glory.

If Boca and River reach the second final against each other in the Copa Libertadores, as scheduled by Conmebol, it will be on November 4 on the stage of the Maracaná. Rio de Janeiro will become a football branch of Argentina for a few days. It would be a seismic moment for the prestigious competition.

Boca Juniors fans cheer their team during a match between Boca Juniors and River Plate as part of 2022 Professional League at Alberto J. Armando Stadium on September 11, 2022 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Credit: Rodrigo Valle/Getty Images

Carlos Bianchi and Marcelo Gallardo, responsible for increasing the competitiveness and effervescence of the great Argentine classic

Both are heroes in their institutions. They are untouchable deities. Both filled Boca and River with hits. Boca, with the “Viceroy” as DT, has won three editions of the Copa Libertadores (2000, 2001, 2003). The “Doll” has won the top South American competition twice (2015 and 2018).

It has been two decades that South America has been invaded by the rivalry that has increased exponentially. Let’s take a look at all the duels between Argentina’s two titans in this prestigious tournament. It’s that in addition to victory, sporting pride is at stake, the folkloristic rivalry of its fans and the gloating of pretending to feel one is bigger than the other.

Clashes in the Copa Libertadores

River Plate and Boca Juniors have met in 28 games. The stats place Xeneize at the top with 11 wins, while nine were wins for the millionaire and eight matches ended in a draw. Even if the team from the neighborhood of Núñez (Fiume) has something substantial in his favor: they have been more successful in direct crosses. He was the winner in three of the five face-offs they played, while Boca prevailed in the remaining two.

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