Government delegations and the ELN ask to postpone the closing of the third round of negotiations to this Friday

(CNN) — The delegations of the government of the Republic of Colombia and the National Liberation Army have asked for “one more day” from President Gustavo Petro and the guerrilla commander, Antonio García, to hold the closing event of the third round of peace dialogue , “to finalize the details of the texts of the Cuban agreements and their respective protocols,” the two delegations reported in a joint statement on Thursday.

The first round of these talks was held in Caracas in late 2022 and the second took place in Mexico in February. This third cycle began in early May in Havana and had as its objective the possible political incorporation of the ELN once it had abandoned the armed struggle.

A new round of dialogues begins between the government of Colombia and the ELN 2:26

It should be remembered that on June 5, the Colombian attorney general, Francisco Barbosa, announced the suspension of the arrest warrant against Eliécer Herlinto Chamorro, alias Antonio García, leader of the ELN since June 2021, according to the Insight Crime research center.

Florencia Makeup contributed to this report.

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