Guatemalan Constitutional Court orders suspension of official general election results after complaints from political parties

(CNN Spanish) — The Constitutional Court of Guatemala ordered this Saturday the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to suspend the “qualification and officialization” of the results of the June 25 general elections, until a review of the ballot is carried out in the electoral and departmental councils, as well as in the district central, second a declaration of the Court.

The measure was adopted after nine political parties appealed against the Supreme Electoral Tribunal alleging irregularities in the ballot review process, according to a statement from the Constitutional Court.

“While the situations are clarified”, indicates the Court, the Court “must suspend the classification and the formality of the results so that, by the date set for the second round of the presidential elections, everything has been duly clarified”, he added .

After last Sunday’s elections, Sandra Torres, candidate of the National Unity of Hope (UNE) party, won the presidential elections, with 15.04% of the votes. In second place was career diplomat Bernardo ArĂ©valo, candidate of the Semilla party, who obtained 12.25% of the vote.

With these results, Torres and Arévalo were expected to contest the presidency in the second round on August 20.

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