Joran van der Sloot leaves a prison in southern Peru for the United States.

(CNN Spanish) — Under strict security measures, Joran van der Sloot left the maximum security prison in southern Peru on Friday for Lima, where he will be held in another prison before being handed over to US authorities.

Van der Sloot was one of the last people to see American Natalee Holloway alive in Aruba in 2005 before she disappeared. She is now serving a 28-year prison sentence for the death of Stephany Flores, a 21-year-old girl, in 2012.

This is a provisional surrender, foreseen in the extradition treaty between Peru and the North American country, which will allow Van der Sloot to be tried in the United States for the alleged crimes of fraud and extortion in damage of Elizabeth Halloway, Natalee’s mother.

On May 19, CNN reported that Van der Sloot would be delivered on a date “no later than mid-June,” a source familiar with the trial told CNN at the time.

Van der Sloot will be tried in the United States and then taken back to Peru to finish his sentence. Only then will he be able to return to the requesting country to serve what could become his second sentence.


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