Mexico investigates threats against Peruvian diplomats

(CNN Spanish) — Mexico said it had beefed up the security of the Peruvian diplomatic delegation in the country after Peruvian authorities reported death threats their embassy in Mexico had received.

The government of Mexico has strengthened the security of the legation and private residence”, This was reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement, adding they are conducting “investigations to clarify these unfortunate facts.”

On Friday, Peru’s prime minister, Alberto Otárola, condemned the alleged death threats received by the country’s embassy in Mexico after the Peruvian foreign ministry denounced them.

On his Twitter account, said Otárola that these facts should be investigated to discover their origin.

The charge d’affaires of the Peruvian delegation received a death threat via WhatsApp messages last Wednesday, according to a statement from the Peruvian Foreign Ministry. The statement adds that this fact has been notified to the Mexican authorities and that the headquarters and the official concerned are receiving additional protection.

“A diplomatic note has been sent to the Mexican Foreign Ministry asking that the related investigations be carried out and that assurances and guarantees be provided to our officials,” the note reads.

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