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(CNN Spanish) — River and Boca had a sweet week in the Copa Libertadores. Both won and qualified for the round of 16 of the top continental tournament. They don’t have the same gear in the local Argentine league.

With only 6 dates remaining in the competition, River Plate remains steadfast as the leader of the competition. Is that the millionaire has taken 10 points ahead of Talleres de Córdoba, his immediate pursuer. While Boca is floundering, with a low performance that places it in the middle of the standings.

Let’s see how each of the giants of Argentine football arrives.

River, the locomotive of the championship

On Tuesday, Martín Demichelis’ team closed the Group D phase of the Copa Libertadores with a good performance. They beat The Strongest from Bolivia 2-0, with goals from Miguel Borja and Rodrigo Aliendro. They finished with 10 points, in second place behind Fluminense, first on goal difference.

This Saturday the millionaire will guest against Barracas Central at the Claudio ‘Chiqui’ Tapia stadium, named after the president of the Argentine Football Federation (AFA), who was a recognized leader of the club. The game will be played at 2 pm Miami time, and if the three points are won, the crown will be at hand.

For this duel it is possible that Demichelis is appealing to the football mantra “the team that wins cannot be touched”. The DT will be able to count on the same titles that started playing at the Más Monumental stadium on Tuesday for the continental match. Robert Rojas, in defense, and Enzo Perez, in midfield, did not finish the game with injuries, although they trained normally during the week and, it seems, they would have no problems getting into the game.

In this case, the starting 11 of the team in the red armband could be Franco Armani; Milton Casco, Robert Rojas, Paulo Diaz, Enzo Diaz; Enzo Perez, Rodrigo Aliendro; Nicolás De la Cruz, Nacho Fernández, Esequiel Barco; Luca Beltran.

The millionaire, scores 50 points, the product of 16 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses. He collected 79% of the points.

Opposite will be the Barracas Central which alternates between a swinging walk in its collection of matches and productions. Against the so-called big names, such as Independiente and Racing, they got a draw, against San Lorenzo they got a win and were defeated by Boca Juniors.

The team led by Sergio Rondida is usually a team with a lot of momentum and dedication in matches with a lot of resonance, like the one against River Plate on Saturday. The small size of its stadium and the urge to play against the best team in the league herald a high-vibration duel between Barracas Central and River Plate.

Match the data

Date: 22 Professional League
Day: Saturday 1st July
Plan: 14:00 (Miami) – 15:00 (Argentina) – 13:00 (Bogotá) – 24:00 (Mexico City)
Stadium: Claudio Chiqui Tapia
Referee: Leandro Rey Hilfer

Must see from Argentina

TV: ESPN Award
Cablevision Flow: ESPN Premium – channel 123
Telecentre: ESPN Premium – channel 111 (digital) and 1117 (HD)
DirectTV: ESPN Premium – channel 604 (SD) and channel 1604 (HD)

From mobile devices: on the Star+ platform, from Flow (APP Store or Play Store), DirecTV Go (App Store or Play Store) and Telecentro (App Store or Play Store).

From the United States

In the United States, River Fanatiz (also in Latin America, except Brazil), Paramount+, AFA Play and TyC Sports Internacional broadcast the game.

Boca passes mid-table with a game that doesn’t make you fall in love

In the last two games, Boca has been a slide of emotions. The dysfunctional Xeneize team received a heavy blow in Mendoza on Thursday of last week, losing 4-0. The “shower” on Cuyo’s land motivated Juan Román Riquelme, vice president of the institution and emblem of the river club, to wait early morning at the campus at the airport. The drop in line was an iceberg that fell on the entire team.

Boca Juniors midfielder Juan Román Riquelme smiles with the trophy of the 2011 Argentine First Division soccer tournament, at La Bombonera stadium in Buenos Aires, December 4, 2011. (ALEJANDRO PAGNI/AFP via Getty Images)

The reaction was seen a week later. At La Bombonera, the team closed the group stage of the Copa Libertadores with a sensational 4-0 victory against Monagas of Venezuela, with goals from Marcelo Weigandt, Valentín Barco and brace from Luis Vázquez. The Xeneize finished in first place in group F with 13 players.

In the professional league of Argentina you can see his other side. Boca doesn’t offer convincing football. His DT Jorge Almirón has given him a better structure as a team and a more convincing bearing. However, Boca failed to take off in its volume of play despite having good players.

This Sunday against Sarmiento de Junín, Almirón will have to decide which team to present after two matches with such mixed and varied results. The technician was forced to move the pieces to some positions. Darío Benedetto, Boca’s goalscorer, did not play this Thursday due to knee pain. They are separated by just three days after Almirón confirm their squad on the same Sunday.

Boca have so far collected 28 points, the result of 8 wins, 4 draws and 9 defeats. It is 22 points behind the leader, River Plate, and is 10 points behind San Lorenzo, the third team very close to entering the Copa Libertadores next year.

In attack there will be Sarmiento, led by Israel Damonte, who gave himself a wonderful home performance in the last round by beating Atlético de Tucumán 4-1. For the duel against Boca, the coach of the green team has another good news, he will be able to count once again on regular starters such as Guido Mainero, Javier Toledo and the Paraguayan Fernando Martínez, who has not played against the Tucuman team .

Sarmiento has the same points as Boca, 28, having won 7 games, drawn 7 games and lost the other 7 games.

When does Boca play against Sarmiento de Junín?

Date: 22 Professional League
Day: Sunday 2nd July
Plan: 8:30 pm (Miami) – 9:30 pm (Buenos Aires) – 7:30 pm (Bogotá) – 6:30 pm (Mexico City)
Stadium: The bombonera
Referee: Silvio Makeup

Where to see it in Argentina

TV: TNT Sports
Streams: Flow, DGo and Telecentro Play (with the agreed football package).

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