The president of the Alianza club and other executives are arrested for trampling

(CNN Spanish) — El Salvador authorities said they arrested Alianza FC club president Pedro Hernández during the investigation into Saturday’s stampede that left 12 dead, 88 fans hospitalized and nearly 500 injured at the Cuscatlán stadium.

The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) assured this Thursday a Chirping which issued arrest warrants against five people, including other managers and a key keeper, for the possible crimes of “manslaughter, culpable injury and massacre of people”.

The stadium doors set up for the match “were not sufficient for the number of supporters”, specified the Public Prosecutor’s Office, indicating that these accesses were not opened sufficiently in advance for orderly and safe entry.

The FGR stressed that, by selling tickets for the match at the Cuscatlán stadium between Alianza FC and CD Fas, the organizers “decided to illegally sell tickets issued for previous matches”.

“Negligence in organization and greed, when overselling, has spawned a human avalanche that has resulted in loss of life, as well as injuries and endangering the safety of attendees,” he said.

Finally, they reported that those arrested will be brought before the courts “in the next few days”.

CNN is seeking to find out whether Hernández and the other suspects have legal representation and has reached out to the Alianza FC club for comment.

Merlin Delcid contributed to this report.

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