When is the second round of the Guatemala 2023 general election held?

(CNN Spanish) — After the general elections this Sunday in which more than 9 million people were able to vote, Guatemala will have a second round to elect its new president.

The results of the first round show that Sandra Torres, presidential candidate of the National Unity of Hope (UNE) party, led the election with more than 15% of the vote. Meanwhile, the second place was obtained by Bernardo Arévalo, candidate of the Semilla party, who obtained almost 12% of the votes.

Torres was the First Lady of Guatemala from 2008 to 2011 and had already been a candidate for the Guatemalan presidency in 2015 and 2019. Arévalo is a career diplomat and son of former President Juan José Arévalo.

Both candidates will contest the presidency of Guatemala in the second round of elections.

When is the second round of the presidential elections in Guatemala?

THE Electoral law and political parties of the country he stresses that Guatemala will have a second round in its elections for president and vice president when neither list reaches “half plus one of the valid votes cast”.

This second shift must be done between 45 and 60 days after the day of the first shift.

In this case, the second round will be held on Sunday 20 August, within the deadline established by law.

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