Who are the owners of Inter Miami?

(CNN Spanish) — Start writing a new chapter in the life of Lionel Messi. The Argentine world champion arrives at Inter Miami to shore up the club and, indeed, the entire US Major League Soccer (MLS).

Although the club has had other stars in its short history, such as Gonzalo Higuaín, also from Argentina, who in 2020 was signed as franchise player of the team—, Messi’s hiring surpasses anyone due to the winners list behind him who, to many, is the best player in history.

Messi’s arrival sets the eyes of the whole football world on Inter Miami and, therefore, the club adopts a more global stance, but without forgetting its fan base, something that has been in the team’s vision since its inception. creation in 2018.

“Our club will have a global outlook, but our South Florida fans will always be our first priority, reflecting the best in our community.” said Jorge Moremanaging director of the team, on 29 January 2018, when the creation of the club was announced.

This vision for Inter Miami was not just Mas’, but all the owners of the team. who are they? We tell you below.

Who are the owners of Inter Miami?

The Inter Miami website indicates that the directive The manager of the club is made up of three people:

Jorge Mas Santos – He is the CEO of the club. He is a Cuban-American businessman born in Miami in 1963. He is one of the sons of the late businessman Jorge Mas Canosa, born September 21, 1939 in Santiago de Cuba and later went into exile in Miami, and Irma Santos, his wife from his youth, according to the Cuban American National Foundation (FNCA), organization founded by Mas Canosa.

Currently, among other occupations, Mas Santos is the president of the FNCA; President of the company Mastec since 1984, when it was still called Chiesa e Torre and which his father transformed into a multinational; it is also President of Real Zaragozaa football club from the second division of Spain, of which acquired the majority of its capital in 2022.

Jose Ramon Mas Santos – He is another of the owners of the club and is the brother of Jorge Mas Santos. Jorge Mas Canosa and Irma Santos’ three children (Jorge, José and Juan Carlos) were born in the United States after the couple left Cuba for Miami. jose mas he graduated from the University of Miami and, since 2007, is the CEO of MasTec; He also serves on the US Department of Commerce’s National Advisory Council on Minority Businesses.

David Beckham Of the three, we can safely say that the former English footballer is the best known of Inter Miami’s regulars. At club level, has won just about everything, from the Champions League to leagues and cups. His most prolific facet of him has been at Manchester United where he is a legend. In addition to being one of the owners, Beckham is the president of soccer operations for the American club. The Englishman has been a regular for the team since the beginning, but in 2021 Along with Jorge and José Mas, he took full control of Inter Miami’s shares after the three bought them from Marcelo Claure and Masayoshi Son.

With information by Hugo Manu Correa

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